United Arts Grant Unofficial Official Wrap Up

Officially, the period for the United Arts Grant I was awarded is over. I submitted the final papers, which you can see below, and had an exhibition of the images in the neighborhood where I captured most of them. I am "officially" done with the project. But not to fear my friends, I plan on hitting the streets like a bat strikes a ball. As I've stated earlier, I am going to continue the project. Seeing that I spent most of my time in a particular neighborhood for this project I am planning on venturing further into other neighborhoods in the Parramore/Holden Heights area. This won't be easy. I know that I will have to invest more time in relational preparation. Overall I know when this body of work is done it's going to kick butt. My goal is to showcase a visual representation of the neighborhood before it disappears. Stay tuned. It's going to be fun!