The Unethical Executive

Unethical practices and corruption are not new to business. Sadly though, it does seem like we've had many more cases of it in the last decade. Enron, AIG, Goldman Sachs, Credit Default Swaps, and more have had considerable airtime. I don't know many people who are happy with these things. All this corruption got me thinking, "How can I capture these practices in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way?" I don't know about you but whenever I think of corporate corruption I always think of some old guy shredding papers at 3am as his assistant calls and tells him, "THE FEDS ARE ON THE WAY!" I know, I watch too many movies. None the less I thought it would be interesting to expound upon this idea.

The first step was finding a location. Thankfully I can always turn to Julio at Orange Studio 4 Rent in Orlando for some space. Then I had to find some shredded paper. At first I was going to shred it all myself. It seemed feasible until I realized how much paper I would waste, the multiple paper shredders I would go through, and the mess I would make. Instead I turned to a friend who had some connections at a law firm. She hooked me up with LOADS of shredded paper. So much so I filled my car to the brim.

I was able to find a model and round up my two trusty assistants for the job. It was all executed in one day and I'm really happy with how it came out. The original idea was to have the Christopher, the model, making a shredded paper angel. After this we moved on to him just lying in the paper, looking all cocky. With all the paper we had we were able to make a wall and photograph Christopher in front of it (the wall fell over at least 3 times, it was a pain to put up). Lastly, I had his arm poking out of the paper holding an american flag.

Here is a short behind the scenes video followed by the images:


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