Food Photograhpy: BBQ

If you know me you know I love to eat. Everything about food makes me happy. The smell, the sight, and obviously the taste. While most people complain when they are full I relish in it. I particularly love eating with my hands, something I came to enjoy through my travel overseas. I know it sounds stupid but I really think eating with your hands connects you to your food in an unexplainable way (try it next time...just make sure no one is watching). Maybe it's the primal/manly side of me, who knows? The idea to shoot some food came to mind when I recognized a locally owned restaurant had some very subpar food photography. I figure I'll shoot some food, specifically their food, and show them the resulting shots. Maybe they'll be interested in hiring me, maybe they won't. Either way I've got a few more pictures in my portfolio for it. I did all this myself, including the food styling (which is quite a tricky job if I do say so my self). On a paid job I would defiantly hire some to do the styling.

 Here is the final shot:


Behind the scenes: