From Concept to Execution: Band Silhouette

I love music. I always have. Few people know I used to play the tuba and bass guitar in middle school. I gave them up because I couldn't stand my music teachers at the time and I wanted to make more time for photography. My tuba instructor made me cry on multiple occasions and my middle school band teacher made me feel like I was in a country ruled by a ruthless dictator. That being said I never lost my love of music. Early in high school I began collecting Vinyl and at one point had over 500 records. Over the years I've purged my collection down to about 150 (but it's growing again). I really love all types of music but get a special thrill from watching a live performance. Seeing a band and audience feed off each other is electric. I had that in mind going into this shoot. Initially I wanted to shoot these silhouettes on white, make each of them different colors in post, and combine them in photoshop. I would have overlapped each frame so that the overlapping colors would have created a different color. You can see what I mean below.

band silhouette concept
band silhouette concept

The shoot took place at Orange Studio 4 Rent. Jame Hedrick, Ben Travers, and Chris Hall helped out and modeled. We had two lights pointed at the cyc wall and one light high and behind the person. I wanted it as high as I could get it so I would get a nice shadow of them on the floor. Now here's the funny thing. I always try to go into my shoots with an open mind. If a concept isn't working out or something else comes up that is clearly better I'm more than willing to the explore the new idea. I think too many times photographers get caught up in trying to push something through that isn't working. On this shoot every once in while the background lights wouldn't fire because of recycle time. This gave us a cool black on black silhouette. When I got back to my place to edit the shots I realized these were going to be the photos I wanted to use. It's not that the original idea was bad. I still like the original idea. It's that this new idea was better. Plus, it fits more with my style.

So finally, here is the finished picture. A lot went in to making this happen. Big thanks to Dale Vande Griend at Yellow Jacket Media for doing a great job on the post work. You an click on the image to see it bigger.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. I'd love to hear what music you're listening to now or what music had a big impact on your youth.