2nd Image Library for Humana

Here's the second image library I shot late last year for Humana with the help of Skystorm. It was for their medicare division. While the first was a three day shoot in and around Orlando this one lasted two days and had us flying to Georgia for a change of scenery. This was a fun one because the locations were beautiful and it really shows in the images. 

Huge thanks to Brittany Lutz and the team at Studio Now for trusting me with this. Thanks to Rob "five minutes left" Micai, the calmest and tallest producer I know. Rocky Frazin did a great job keeping everyone alive. Wally Argueta knows his lights and is a great stand-in. Marjorie Robinson did the makeup. Jennifer Beverly made the people look pretty and Dhruv Patel made the places look pretty. And I bow down in thanks to Ben Travers, the only photo assistant who can read my mind.