Part 1: The Concept - 41x

I went behind the scenes on the making of Mr. Gold so I figured it was a good idea to share the details about my latest short, 41x. In the next few posts I'll be discussing the short in detail. How it came to be, how I did it, technical aspects and more.

41x started with an idea written on a spreadsheet in 2009. Every since college I have kept a long list of ideas. Ideas for documentaries, narrative films, photo stories & conceptual shoots. The list is long and the ideas often come out of left field. I would share some with you but they're top secret. 

I was watching a show called Wreckreation Nation. During an episode the host explored the world of lawnmower racing. I found it weird (something I look for in subject matter), endearing and funny. I jotted down the idea and didn't think much of it. Fast-forward several years and I found myself needing a new subject for a short doc after completing Mr. Gold. After a quick Google search I discovered there was a track in Avon Park, Florida, a couple of hours from where I lived in Orlando.

I took an exploratory trip out to the track for their next race. Sitting in the grandstands and watching the race I knew this would make the perfect subject. The people were nice and welcoming, there was plenty of action and it was relatively close to home. I knew I could figure out a way to do the sport justice.