Cocoa Beach for The Boston Globe

The other week The Boston Globe called with an assignment to shoot a travel feature on Cocoa Beach, Florida. Cocoa is a great beach town. It’s got that slightly tacky beach town feel but isn’t over the top like Daytona yet it feels quaint & small like New Smyrna. Plus it’s really close to Orlando, where I live, and has a lot of space history. Here are some of the images and you can read the article here.

Image Library for Humana

Usually my year ends rather quietly. Budgets are spent, people are gearing up for the holidays and everyone is preparing for next year. Last year was a different story for me though. I got a call from Skystorm Productions asking if I'd like to shoot a couple image libraries for Humana, the third largest health insurance company in the United States. The first library was for their small business division. A few discussions later and the dates were booked. 

This job had a quick turnaround on image delivery. It was a lot of work and several long days but we had a great crew to help pull it off.

Huge thanks to Brittany Lutz and the team at Studio Now for trusting me with this. Thanks to Rob "five minutes left" Micai, the calmest and tallest producer I know. Rocky Frazin did a great job keeping everyone alive. Wally Argueta knows his lights and is a great stand-in. Marjorie Robinson did the makeup. Jennifer Beverly made the people look pretty and Dhruv Patel made the places look pretty. Thanks to David Lawrence for making sure I was always hydrated. And I bow down in thanks to Ben Travers, the only photo assistant who can read my mind. 

Keep an eye out for the next post where I talk about the second library we shot

The Calm Persistence of Social Rights Activist Richard Lapchick for UCF

I really love working with UCF's magazine Pegasus. They always give me interesting stories that are close to my heart (like this one last year). This time around they wanted me to photograph Richard Lapchick. Not only is Richard the director of the DeVos Sport Business Management School at UCF but he's an extremely kind and gracious man. He allowed me all the time I needed to photograph him, talked with me enthusiastically about basketball, chuckled at my stupid jokes and allowed us to rearrange his whole office for the photo. I think the article does his legacy justice so make sure you give it a read.

Joseph Dirand for The Wall Street Journal Magazine

Several months back I received a friendly email from Meghan Benson at The Wall Street Journal Magazine. Architect and designer Joseph Dirand was reimagining Miami Beach's famous Surf Club. Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and even Winston Churchill were all guests back in the day. To say it's a Miami institution would be an understatement. 

Meghan wanted a portrait of Joseph as well as some details from the hotel. This was right up my alley so my assistant and I hopped in the car for the 3.5 hour drive south from Orlando.

Little did we know the hotel was a shell of what it was supposed to be at the time. Hurricane Matthew had just swept through South Florida and set construction back two weeks. It wasn't easy but we were able to squeeze out some images that I feel show the beauty of the hotel. I'm particularly fond the the emerald green accents found throughout the hotel. Enjoy!

Helpers and Healers | The UCF connection to the Pulse nightclub shooting

Their presence was so soft, kind and motherly.

When I got a call from Ron Boucher, the CD at UCF, asking if I would be interested in doing a portrait series on the connection between UCF and the Pulse shooting in Orlando I immediately said yes. A lot has been said about the shooting, much of it more eloquently than I can do justice. 

I've lived in Orlando all my life. Not long ago I wanted to escape this town. I thought it had nothing to offer. I was always annoyed with its ties to tourism, its transitory population and The Mouse. As the years passed I began to see an alternate identity emerge and it started to grow on me. Now we've got a great food culture, several great universities that invest in the community and many more opportunities for artists of all kinds to thrive. Now it feels like a place I'm proud to call my home.

Someone attacked my home. They attacked my people. To be honest I don't think I really processed it all until this shoot. At times photography feels like a job. This time it felt like therapy. I mentioned to my assistant on the day of the job how comforting and kind so many of the subjects were. There were a couple people who I just wanted to hug. And it wasn't that I wanted to comfort them. I wanted them to comfort me! Their presence was so soft, kind and motherly. 

I'm thankful for the people pictured here. They gave themselves to the service of others. They made themselves less to make my home a better place. 

You can read the article as it appeared in Pegasus Magazine here.

APEX magazine for Acura

Last year I shot some images of a '95 Acura NSX and its owner for APEX magazine. APEX wanted some nice environmental shots of the car and its owner. It was really fun getting to shoot a car, something I haven't done before. Kudos to the creative team for trusting me to deliver. 

Exploring Orlando with WestJet Magazine.

Recently I was hired by WestJet Magazine to shoot some travel images showing off all Orlando has to offer. The list of places they wanted photographed was pretty great and being from Orlando I was able to add a few locations that weren't on their radar. Here's the spread as well as some of my favorites from the shoot. Really pleased how these all turned out!

Shooting Pharmaceutical & Health Care with CVS and (add)ventures

In the middle of last year I was approached by (add)ventures to photograph some pharmaceutical & health care images for CVS. After doing some research I was pretty pumped to be shooting for CVS. In 2014 they gave up over $2 billion in revenue by dropping all tobacco products from their stores. What's crazier is they didn't do it because the public was pressuring them to. They did it because the company's leaders didn't feel tobacco was in line with their mission to help customers on their path to health. 

Every year CVS hands out an award within the company to the best pharmacist called the Paragon award. Photographing for CVS was easy and (add)ventures liked the photos so much they asked me to photograph some more people a few months later. Here are some of my favorites. 

Concrete Producer Magazine

One of the reasons I love being an editorial photographer is I get to meet such a wide gamut of people and learn about so many interesting things. When The Concrete Producer called I was really intrigued. I found myself photographing Robert Finfrock and learned a lot about concrete, which is actually pretty interesting. Be sure to check out the write up on their website. Here are the photos they featured and some others from the shoot:


Funny story about this last photo. Robert had the idea of going up on the roof and shooting a panoramic of the plant. I was game for it. While I'm up there he decided to hop up on the edge of the building and shoot some photos of his own (he really loves photography). As I'm photographing him on the edge of death I'm thinking, "These will make great photos, I just hope they aren't the last ones of him..."