Vintage Addis Ababa | The Book

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has been through a lot over the last 100+ years. Growth, famine, prosperity, modernization. All have been close companions of this east African country. And while it’s easy to focus on the difficult times (and too many often do when talking about Africa) it’s important to remember life goes on, people get married, have kids and laugh during those times. Counting your blessings when things are bad is vital to sustaining hope.

It was in this vein that Vintage Addis Ababa was created. I have never had the opportunity to help get a book published so this was fun. How often do you get to look through old photos and peek into the past?! Vintage Addis Ababa features hundreds of old photographs and is interspersed with fascinating everyday stories.

The book is out now so go get your hands on it! And if you like it be sure to tell your friends about it as well.